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            Welcome to TC Garden  

       Retail & Wholesale Price are welcomes         

     TC garden is the Tropical plants Grower and Exporter.

Since 1999 we have started exporting the nusery of high Quality of lucky bamboo , Which 500 acer in Chaingrai province North of thailand.Our farm lucky bamboos ,We offer arrangements, tier tables, but also single stems in straight, curly, or spiral, from 20 cm up to 120 cm in length. Color: (Dark green, Golden color, Silver color )

   At persence 2009 , We also supplies and resource of the Oramental plants including Hybrid orchids, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Arachnis, Ascocenda, Aranthera, Anthurium, Adenium graft plant, plumeria, aglaonemas flask, orchid (vanda dendrobium), Fruit plants, Heliconia, seed, Euporbia lactea , Banana variegated, Hoya, Palm & Cycad, Bougavillia,Hibicus seed& graft plant.etc. We exports all kinds of Live Plants to many countries like  USA,Canada,Eu,Middleast U.A.E., Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and south america, southeast asia, etc.


  Open office & lucky bamboo nusery: Monday-Saturday 9.00 am - 17.00 pm  

Buy through our plants by contacting :



Add line: 660869845844 (All day time), Whatsapp : 660869845844



Sale Team:     





  Ms.Suthigarn Jeantaravanich (Export manager)




BA.Eng Master degree





HP:// 66 8 9788749 (Working time) 9.00- 17.00 PM







She have experience export plants business since 15 year ago.





Hot Products

Seed & bulbs !!!! 



           Banana seedling      Plumeria seed         Adenium seed          Lotus seed



Assorted color  Price : 0.09 $ /pcs

(1000 pcs get free 100 pcs Garanteen Germinated 90 percents !!!!



Top Product

Lucky bamboo (Draceana)




Lucky bamboos Spiral 120 cm large size dimenster 1.5 cm up


 Newly products


Draceana Braided 9 Stems tall 125 cm (Green)


  Big Promotion this year 2017 ( Buy 10 stems get free 1) !!!!






Variegated plant



New Plants Avaiable Now