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How to order





How to order





We don't need minium order from you , The retail are welcome we also accept by paypal, shipping via EMS, Airfrieght, or Seafrieght depending on plant size and weight. - Airfreight fee must be paid by collected or prepaid.




All orders must be prepaid in full amount by Bank Transfer (wire transfer (T/T)) or as agreed.





Packing : Packing plants for export is a careful and work intensive process, based on the knowledge of rules and practices of the exporting and importing countries.. Please check our wholesale / retail price and sell condition term



Bare root with cocounut peak or moss


Please write email to should be note all detail as below
  • Product requirement ( species and amount)
  • Convenience way for your payment (t/t , wu, paypal)
  • Full shipping address and telephone number
*** Following countries need Import permit for ordering orchid & Other Plants.

1. Australia
2. Barbados
3. Brasil
4. Brunei
5. Belgium
6. Bermuda
7. Canada
8. Columbia
9. Cook Island
10. England
11. France
12. Guadeloupe
13. Israel
14. Hong Kong
15. Jamaica
16. Kenya
17. Martinique
18. Malaysia
19. Mauritius
20. New Caledonie
21. New Zealand
22. Papua New Guinea
23. Reunion
24. Rep. of South Africa
25. Rep. of Dominican
26. Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
27. Trinidad
28. Tahiti
29. Seychelles
30. USA
31. Vanuatu
32. Venezuela