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Orchid thailand


Cutting stem & loose blooms





 Dendrobium cut stems come in the following sizes:

30: 30-40 cm total length
40: 40-50 cm total length
50: 50-60 cm total length
60: 60-70 cm total length


Packing House Fresh orchids are delivered everyday from our farms and from our partners directly to the Packing House. Here, our specialized staffs will carefully select and pack orchids with great care together with quality assurance monitoring system. To maintain good quality of orchids, we do have a temperature controlled storage room for storing orchids waiting to be shipped to our customers worldwide




Size of Carton : 38x75x39 CMS.

1 ctn. = 5 innerbox

Packing Size    LL, L = 70 st./pack

M, S = 80 st./pack


Please kindly to send enquiry to