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Lucky bamboo


Lucky bamboo



Color Green Golden silver curly


lucky bamboo 35-120 cm large size




Spiral lucky bamboo 120 cm large size Best sellers, Green golden silver color curly lucky bamboo 120 cm large size makes the prefect gift for a loved one, a business associate or even that someone who is hard to buy for Wish them health, happiness.

We currently ship out of Middle east country dubai iran syria bahrain qatar etc




Basket shape 35-120 cm





Curly 1-2 loop



Dark green 25-120 cm lenght



Wooven green 25-120 cm lenght








Packing packed (Actual photos by TC garden)


Products list

lucky bamboo Tower (2-5 level)

Spiral green

Spiral gold

Spiral silver

The Wall

Braided spiral bamboo


Straight Top cutting

Heart shape

if you are interested in, please send enquiry to