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Croton Plant


Croton plant



The croton plant has the reputation of being a tough houseplant and comes in varied colors



such as red, pink, yellow, rust, orange and sometimes even purple;Croton is not an indigenous specie of Thailand. The leaves of croton are fancy, varied in many bright color and the trend itself shift from simple round leaf to complex leaf, while the constancy is a must. In ordering, please kindly send us an email or fax for the condition of sales since we have a wide varieties and many different leaves of croton






## Busarin # 






Jombo size (Pot"15 inches)



Assorted  color for sale



 Size 6 inches pot





100 plant price is 3.28 $ (Get free 10)





500 plants price is 3.20 $ (Get free 50)










 1,000 plant price is 2.95 $ (Get free 100)







(Wholesale price)






10 get free 1




Big promotion!!!!2020-21



Croton have 200 speicy


Please send enquiry to