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Bougainvillea Graft plant


Bougainvillea Graft plant

Bougainvillea Sp. or "Paper Flower" is a native plant from Brazil. Normally it does best in dry condition and full sunlight. We have both green and variegated leaf varied in many different colors, red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and white.

Also, we have both rooted cutting and grafting bougainvillea regarding to the customers' preference and use.




Graft plant 30 cm-120 cm



Vareigate graft plant





Pure white graft plant



Large size Pink passion



Big promotion

1) 500 pots get free 5 pots

2) 1000 pot get free 10 pots


if you buy more than 500 $ discount 15 percents



We can ship by air plane or sea port

Wholesale Rosy bougavillea Grafted Plants Exporting Specs:

- Using young root stocks (healthier & longer survive) in cartons during delivery.

Please send enquiry to