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       We have the largest selection of named cultivar plumeria available anywhere.

At last count we have over 265 varieties. We grow only plumeria. 


Unroot plumeria cutting

Generic plumeria varieties pricing is as follows:
Colors available are pink, white, red, yellow and rainbow etc.




300 - 500 color variety








Cattaleya B (Unroot cutting)


 This is the first rooted cutting sold.

We grew this variety from seed. The Mother tree is approx. 8 years old and this is the Mother trees 4th bloom cycle. 









Chompu num


 We have trimmed our trees and because I have so many cuttings 

If interested, please email me at







very uniqueperfume fragrance! The color are vibrant and unique how the fuchsia color tipsthe edge of the petals..










We have a nursery located in north of thailand and root all of our cuttings from our established trees





Promotion 2014

Seed 1 packed 100 seed price is 29.43 $










Assorted color price offer 1 pcs : 1.99 $  (Unrooted cutting stem)

Minium order should be 50 stems

Very cheap price & best quality

Didn't bloom this year so it should bloom next year

Please send enquiry to









Nusery garden & Packed process