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Adenium Rosy (2012)



New Rosy adenium 2012

Adenium is special plant, few plants can do with this, because most of all adenium parts can be trained to make adenium plant itself much more great looking. Not only flowers can help adenium to be top form with whole Big Picture, but other parts like roots, branches, caudexes, are also important to increase the most beautiful forms.

Cuadex size between : 2.5-5 inches


New realease 2012

See here below



Classical white with attractive pink stripes


Yellow Heaven


New yellow super blooming

Price offer : 2.95 $/Pot


Yellow crazy

Yellow crazy has been develop from Yellow Heaven


White sonata

New white Rosy adenium with big ,"Overlapping petals"




Super black 3 petal


Black over Lapping petals area


Golden Florida

The Ultimate yellow Radiance


New Rosy adenium Version 2012



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